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The lance tip is an indispensable tool in oxygen steelmaking. Each tip is a customized design and specifically manufactured for the individual customer.
The lance tip
Having its field of application in the steelmaking converter, the lance tip must be able to withstand most extreme thermal and mechanical loads. Lance tips produced by impact gmbh stand out especially for the following features:
  • High reliability due to efficient cooling
  • High efficiency due to optimum diffuser layout
  • Convenient and easy installation due to minimum manufacturing tolerances
  • High loadability due to homogeneous casting microstructure and flawless weld seams
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On the basis of customer data we first determine the number of diffusers (4, 5 or 6). This is based on a meticulous calculation process because the diffuser layout has key influence on the efficiency of the lance tip.
We also place great emphasis on the design of the water chamber to achieve optimum cooling. The flow velocity and flow behaviour of the cooling water are decisive criteria for the layout of the cooling system. This design approach has, for example, brought about the development of special water guiding ribs.
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