Manufacturing process
The production of a lance tip involves several, partly highly complex manufacturing steps. An overview of the production process is given below.
The use of dedicated design software (CAD) has been common practice for us for many years. The technical drawings generated by CAD programmes are used by the production team and made available to the customer for documentation and presentation purposes. Any necessary changes to the drawings can be made easily and at highest precision.
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1. Casting
2. Sawing
3. Turning
4. Milling
5. Welding
Casting is the first step of the production process. It has decisive influence on the later service life and functionality of the lance tip. The casting of lance tips is a highly demanding process.
The following criteria are decisive for the quality of the casting result:
  • Design and dimensional accuracy of the model and the core boxes
  • Geometry, composition and consistency of the sand cores
  • Raw material quality
  • Alloying of the molten metal
  • Casting temperature etc.
The lance tip is given its outer contour on the CNC turning lathe. The wall separating the water chamber from the tip end facing the steel bath is machined to a defined uniform wall thickness to ensure uniform cooling. Still on the machine, the dimensions are verified by ultrasonic measurement.
The oxygen ejection nozzles (Laval nozzles) are realized on a CNC-controlled 4-axle horizontal machining unit. Extremely exacting demands are placed on the precision of the machine. A controllable fourth machining axle is required because both the entry and exit side of the Laval nozzle must be given their characteristic taper.
During this process step, steel pipe segments are welded onto the lance tips facilitating assembly at the steel plant. The customer is thus relieved of the task of producing this sensitive welding joint between copper and steel. We dedicate special attention to this process and subject the welded seams to most stringent quality controls.
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The lance tips are finished by shotblasting with micro glass beads in the shotblasting chamber.
Quality assurance
Throughout the production process our lance tips undergo continuous quality monitoring according to specified standards. On customer request additional inspections are performed and documented.
Our lance tips are professionally packed for the selected mode of dispatch and shipped worldwide by truck, ship or air. We work closely with specialist freight carriers, ensuring reliable and unproblematic delivery.
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